What is life like aboard a boat during the pandemic?

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It has been a little over a month since the Covid-19 corona virus has swept the world and had almost every country lock it’s front door. I have been anchored in Rodney Bay, St Lucia this whole time. Yesterday I told you about my food situation and tomorrow I will describe how St Lucia has responded to this pandemic, but today I want to let you in on how I am doing aboard during the quarantine.

More or less, life aboard during this outbreak is simply a restricted cruising lifestyle. For a while I was not allowed to go ashore and now that I am it is still with social distancing and essentials only in mind. I have not been able to hang out with other boats, unless we yell across the way or one of them decides to ram me (I will tell you more about that incident at a later time, haha). I could sail away from St Lucia, but there are no islands in the Caribbean that are taking new arrivals or they require you to stay quarantined aboard for two weeks. I am in St Lucia and it is good, so I am staying until everyone opens back up.

I have spent a lot of my time working on boat projects, which I will be telling you about later in the week. There are days I have had a tough time motivating myself to do anything productive, but enjoyed those days reading (something I wanted to do more of, so there you go), watching movies (I have a 1000 and still have trouble picking one sometimes), and playing a game on the computer. Also I am still able to go swimming and snorkeling, which I do every other day or so.

I don’t want to whine, but it sucks being alone aboard! No one to chat with, motivate me to do things, play games with, and so on, but I am also very blessed that I do not find myself quarantined with the wrong person. Haha. Luckily, I switched to Google Fi phone service, so I am able to talk to friends and family through WhatsApp and FaceBook Messanger. That staves off the loneliness to some extent.

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