What is it like being with Russians on an airplanes?

By September 12, 2019 No Comments

If you are ever flying in Eastern Europe and as soon as the plane touches down everyone erupts into applause then there is a good chance you are on a plane full of Russians. It is like they are surprise we actually made it and are trying to tell the pilot good job.

I personally EXPECT to have the plane land whenever I am aboard. I EXPECT the plane to have taken part in the regular maintenance required and I EXPECT the pilot to do the job he is trained to do.

Maybe engineering standards from the Soviet Era have rubbed off on today’s population and they are not completely trusting in the airplane or training of the pilots.

I mean it is not like my guest start clapping every time I take them from one island to the next. Hey, wait a minute. That sounds pretty nice. Maybe I need to start catering to Russian clientele to get the physical accolades they offer. Haha

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