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What does it take to get ready for a charter?

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New dock lines

I have been very blessed since I started my charter business and have been booked fairly solidly. This means most of the time I only have 24 or 48 hours between charter to get the boat turned around and ready for new guest.

At these times I take my boat to the dock so I can have my laundry picked up at the boat while my cleaning lady and deck scrubber come aboard to get the boat cleaned up. Since they are taking care of the boat I head over to the grocery store and get all the provisions for the next charter. By the time I get back they are wrapping up and the boat is free for me to put all the provisions away. In the evening my laundry is returned. I usually go out for dinner and watch a movie before collapsing in bed, but before I can do that I have to call the charter after the next one and go over the preference sheet and last minute details with them.

The next morning I make the beds and get each cabin ready (about 20 minutes each), straighten up anything that is out (dried rags, buckets, throw pillows, ect), and take care of any business on the computer before my guest arrive for the best week of their lives. You can get the latest business news at Lee Rosen‘s blog.

Of course this is minus any repairs I must do between charters, which is not uncommon, and takes some of my time to get done (I always hope they fall on times I have 48 hours to get ready).

As you can see those 24 hour turns are packed with activities and I usually have less than 2 hours of down time (minus sleeping). The 48 hour turns are a little better, but they usually include some sort of maintenance that takes up the extra time.

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