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What do you do with four 20 year old boys?

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Ignore the sign

Swim to me boys Time to jump once more Ignore the sign 30 foot toilet bowl jump

[Shane – Last week I had four 20 year old boys with one of their dad’s. I had so much fun running, jumping, snorkeling, tubing, beaching, tackling, and any other physical activity you can think of. So this week I will be posting the photos of the day and video of the week about them, so check back each day!!!!!]

A week long adventure in the BVI with a captain who likes to have just as much fun as you makes for a good time.  There was this one day that we were exploring a new snorkel spot and we found this one pocket of water that was only accessible by swimming under an arch about 4 feet under water.  It was even surrounded by 30 foot cliffs on all sides so it made for the perfect cliff jumping.  Shane didn’t even hesitate into jumping off of that cliff, so we jumped off three times.  It was definitely the coolest cliff jumping into water that I’ve ever done.  We decided to name this place, “The toilet bowl”.  Between jumping off rocks, learning to sail, swimming through underwater caves, and wrestling on the beach, it made this week a whole lot of fun.  I’m glad we got Shane as a captain because having someone to show us all of the cool things and then proceed to do them with us made this trip awesome. – Josh Hays

This week was sick! Besides getting to unwind on pristine beaches and snorkel with sharks and sea turtles the best part of the week was getting to sail. Shane gave us one quick tutorial of how to rig the boat and the basics of sailing and then after that he turned the boat over to us young guns and gave us control with a watchful eye. We got to do everything from rigging, to driving, to making route decisions. It’s truly unique to be 19 years old and be given control of a forty-something foot sailboat in the volcanic islands of the BVI. This week really was a perfect ending to a long year of school. – Bruce Chappell

Truly the most amazing experience I have ever had.  It was jam-packed with snorkeling, sailing, beaching, and a whole lot of relaxation.  I can’t even begin to describe how wonderful and beautiful the BVI’s are and how incredible of an opportunity this was for myself and everyone I was with.  There is not a better way to end a school year than spending a week in the Caribbean with some real fun in the sun.  Thank you, Captain Shane, for this wonderful experience and the trip of a lifetime that I will never forget. – Matt Bonine

I have been looking forward to this trip for a long time now and it truly did not disappoint.  Coming from 40 degree weather and school to 85 degrees and sailing is not a bad transition.  My favorite part was learning the skills it takes to sail from Cpt. Shane.  Actually getting to drive and sail the boat with my friends can’t be beat.  Getting to sail, snorkel, swim, jump, drink, and relax everyday in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen is a pretty good way to spend a week.  I will definitely do my best to make it back down here as soon as possible to sail with friends and Cpt. Shane.  An amazing trip I will always remember. – Zach Harvey

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