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What do you do at night on Jost Van Dyke?

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Well that is easy. It starts with having one of the best dinners in the BVI at Corsair’s. This hole in the wall looking building pumps out some amazing meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and Vinny will be there to greet you. He is the owner and operator of Corsair’s. He is also from Denver, so we always have something to chat about. Plus he is a huge Harley guys, so if you want to talk cycles this is your man.

Corsairs Vinny the owner

Now after your fantastic meal it is time to mosey (or meander or skip or whatever mode of walking you prefer) down the main road of Great Harbor, which is beat down beach sand, to Foxy’s. This is one of the oldest and best known bars in the BVI and is a great spot to dance and drink the night away. On the ceiling you will find flags and shirts from just about any college you can think of.



I hope you have a great night out at Jost Van Dyke!!!!!

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