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What could be better than having friends visit for the day?

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Surprise, we're here

A couple weeks ago I headed to St Thomas from Culebra because I had a good weather window and a slight possibility for a last minute charter, which did not happen. What I forgot is that four months or more before I was told some friends were coming to the island on a cruise ship and it turned out to be the same day I sailed over. Talk about timing! I got a call when I was less than an hour from the main harbor of St Thomas saying they were here. I was a little dumbfounded until I remembered that they were going to be here. I told them I would be there in an hour and when they all came aboard I took them out to Buck Island and they swam with the turtles.

This group consisted of the childern’s minister, his wife, and my youth sponsors from my church when I was in high school. They also had their kids with them. The oldest was born my senior year of high school and I watched each of these four kids grow up as I came home to Dallas each holiday and know two of them are married and brought their spouses with them. Where did the time go for them to grow up?

They said that it was the best day of their week long cruise, but the truth is that it brighten my week just as much by being able to spend time with people that helped shape me into the man I am today.

Surprise, we're here

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