What brings joy to you?

By March 10, 2013 2 Comments

Sometimes it is the littlest things that get us thinking about how much we enjoy something.  For me it is living on a boat.

Even with the endless list of maintenance chores from scrubbing the hulls of barnacles (those suckers will rip you hand up at the slightest touch) to dealing with busted macerator pumps and other sewage issues (a crappy job if I have ever heard of one).  Then there is the improvements everyone wants to make on their boats like the hardtop, 12 volt frig, and shower just to name a few for me.

For me, the joy of living on my boat comes from waking every morning and seeing blue water, sandy beaches, and swaying palm trees.  I love the fact I can move the boat and get a whole new backyard if I want.  I really enjoy seeing new places and my travel videos let me share that with other people (I hope you enjoy watching them).  Shoot it is even fun at night to pause a movie, walk up on deck, and pee over the side (this would be more for the males reading this 🙂 ).  When I have guest aboard I love showing them the joys of boat life, traveling, and seeing the history and beauty in each island.

Now I am not saying everyone should live on a boat or take up sailing, because it is defiantly not for everyone.  But I would like to ask each of you what brings joy to your life?  It could be camping, skiing, kids, wine tasting, ect.  Keep it in perspective, but indulge in your joy, because if you are happy then you will help make others around you happy.


  • Alisha says:

    I really like what your mom and dad wrote. As someone that has known you since you were a late teenager and a young man, I think that what you’re doing is awesome. So glad you get to enjoy it and meet new people this way. Hope we get to see you soon!

  • Bill and Dee McClellan says:

    Dad and I are so proud of you and want you to know what a blessing you are to us. You are not only getting to live out your dream, but are helping others to realize theirs for a short time as well. As a baby, you always woke up happy and ready to face the world. As a boy, you were ready for every adventure that came your way. As a teenager, you lived life to the fullest without the drama and lifelong consequences that many teens create. As a young man you approached life with a can-do attitude accepting all the joys and sorrows that are a part of life with grace and humor. Now as a man, you have made your dream come true and share the joy that is a part of your life with all who cross your path.
    Love, Mom

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