Swimming with whale sharks is quite the experience

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I am exploring Mexico with my girlfriend (who is from Guadalajara) and we just started in Cancun. One of the amazing experiences you can do in Cancun this time of year is swim with whale sharks. While they are called whale sharks they are neither a whale or a shark, but the largest fish around at 45-58 feet long. If you want to read more about them check out this Wikipedia page.

It was truly an amazing experience and one we will treasure for years to come. But as with any group tour you take, we were limited in the time we had with them and I wanted to spend even more time with these gentle giants.

Check out the TikTok video I made about our time with the whale sharks. You can also find it on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter (just click the link for each one). This will be apart of the Travel video I am putting together for YouTube, so make sure you FOLLOW me on your preferred platform so you do not miss a beat of our travels through Lily’s country.


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