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The other week I was taking guest to the Full Moon Party in Trellis Bay, which is on Beef Island in the BVI.  It is always a fun time and the anchorage is always crowded, but this of year it is not too bad.

Well I took my guest to The Dogs to snorkel after a great sail down from Anegada and we entered Trellis Bay around 3:30. Imagine my surprise to find a mooring available that late right in the middle of the pack. After we were hooked up I started watching how the boat reacted and something did not seem right. I ask the lady helping me pick up mooring that week to check on the connection and she ended up pulling the entire mooring line up, because it was not connected to the sea floor.

After that episode I went ahead and anchored in my normal spot and we had a grand old time. But the moral of the story is that even on a mooring make sure you are secure just as you do when on an anchor.


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