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By February 9, 2016 No Comments

I was going to write a blog about my boat being my home, but after the excitement of Sunday night I have an urge to share my happiness that the Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl (don’t worry the original blog will show up on Sunday J ). Today the state I called home for 18 years before I bought the boat (to me it is still home away from my boat) is having a parade to celebrate, but obviously I will not be there to participate.

Let me tell you that the only thing better than watching your favorite team win a championship is watching them win one while you are down in a tropical paradise. I was lucky to have friends on three other charter boats take the time to set up us watching the game at Hootier’s (I know cliché, but it is the best place to watch) while I was out with a wonderful family in Culebra, which is my favorite island. So last week I got to be in my favorite place with two fun parents and an adorable 5 year old, only to drop them off on Sunday morning and be embraced by friends that night who all cheered with me (for the most part….of course they have to rib me a little each play).

It truly was paradise!!!!

Broncos 1 Broncos 2

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