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Washing your cushions will make them last

By December 22, 2015 No Comments

I have now had my new cushions for an entire year and in order to get the most life out of them I want to take care of them. That means washing them, but you have to be careful not to ruin the thing you are trying to protect. The first thing I did was take the covers off and mark them and the foam inside so I would know which one goes with which one. Next I used a washing machine at the local laundromat. The key here is not to dry them!!!!! If you do they will shrink and you are done. Instead I took them back to the boat and put them back on the foam while they were still wet and left them up and out so they could dry over night. 


Once they were dry the next day I sprayed each of them with 303 fabric guard from Sunbrella (the manufacturer of the fabric the cushions are made with) and let this dry also. With all this work I hope they still look as good next year as they did this year.

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