Want to visit Kyrgyzstan? There is a new company to help you out

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Do you remember all the fun I had last summer in Kyrgyzstan horseback riding, staying in a yurt, and seeing the beautiful people and landscapes? To refresh your memory you can check out the blogs I wrote here.

Well the reason I was there was to visit with a very close college friend and her family. Her husband is the one who set up our four days in the back country where we stayed in a small, very traditional village three of those nights and in a yurt in the highlands the other night. It was a great introduction into the traditional nomadic life of central Asia.

The great news is that he just started a company called Taigan Expeditions which excels at adventure travel and tours in this culturally rich yet untapped tourist corner of the world. He can lead you on a historical tour of the ancient Silk Road or help you experience nomadic life in a yurt. Do you want to have a fishing experience you will never forget, he is your guy. The cream of the crop trip he is offering is a hunting expedition for the fabled Marco Polo sheep.

If you are the type of person that likes to visit places others do not then Kyrgyzstan is a fantastic destination and if you want to go on a tour, fishing, or hunting then Jeff is the guy you want to talk to. He is just like me in that he want to personalize each trip to the wants and needs of his guest and will go out of his way to make sure your trip is better than you expected.

Here is the travel video I put together of Kyrgyzstan to give you an idea of how I spent my week or so in this fascinating country.

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