Do you want more or less in life?

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Loving the Guiding Light

I was reading a post on Facebook with a letter attributed to George Carlin. He very elegantly mused as to why our society has bigger houses but smaller families, has more conveniences but less time, has multiplied our possessions but reduced our values, has added years to life but not life to years, has been to the moon but don’t cross the street to meet a new neighbor.

All I can say is I completely agree!!!!! The solution is very simple. Move aboard a boat.

You will have less conveniences, but so much more time to do and enjoy things in life.

Your possessions must shrink due to space constraints, but the things you value will increase. You will have only the most treasured keepsakes with you, but more importantly you will value the life you lead, the memories you create, and the friends you meet.

You may not live to be 100 years old, but you will also need much less time to pack away all the experiences and events you will be a part of. Remember it is not about the number of breaths you have in life, but the number of time life takes your breath away.

Your neighbors will change often, but you will be closer to any one of them than almost any neighbor you have had on land. It is amazing how quickly boaters bond and share with each other. A chance meeting at a pot luck will feel like you are saying goodbye to your best friend two days later.

Plus you get all this enrichment in the confines of the smallest home you will ever see. Trust me when I tell you a studio apartment in New York City has nothing on the size restrictions aboard a cruising boat.

What are you waiting for? Get a boat and I will see you on the water.

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