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Various fruits that I have never seen were everywhere in Peru

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Since I rented a VRBO in Peru I went to the grocery story to stock up on some food. In the produce area I saw fruit I knew and liked, but that tended to be a bit pricier. Plus I always like to try different things. I was told to get this and that and some these. 🙂

During the week I tried everything and below are the notes I took on each fruit:

Granadilla – Inside it was exactly like a passion fruit, but the flavor was less tart and more sweet. I liked it, but some people do not care for the texture of passion fruit.

Lumuma – Once opened this comes out more like as a paste and taste almost like a date. I preferred it more as a flavor of ice cream, which is a very Peruvian thing.

Cocona – This fruit is tart like citrus, but after the first bite it mellows out. It is used primarily in salads or as juice.

Membrillo – You have to wash the fuzzy exterior off and then it tasted like a tart apple and had the same texture. It is usually cooked first and not very often eaten raw like I had it.

Pepino – This fruit is part of the melon family and the taste and texture are close to a cantaloupe.

If you ever see any of these fruits you should get some and see if you like them also.

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