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Unknown natural beauty, like a fairy tale…

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[Shane – Yesterday I posted a “photo of the day” of a sunrise in a hot air balloon to start a series of blogs about the amazing Cappadocia area in central Turkey. I am going to let Melek write the introduction blog today and I will follow up in the coming days with blogs and photos of the different places we saw. I hope you enjoy these, because this place is super cool, full of history, and not well known.]


Why are we sitting on the table at the Goreme Monastery?

There are many places to see in Turkey other than historical places in Istanbul and coasts on Mediterranean. Cappadocia is one of them, first you don’t know what to expect and once you’re there you’re spelled by these beautiful towns and natural stones which are called Fairy chimneys.


Melek is very proud that she has her own hotel here.

If you’re visiting the Cappadocia area staying in a Cave hotel is a must. These places were houses before and now they became hotels. If you’re staying in one like ours with a fireplace, beautiful city view, and bathroom luxuries it makes your stay perfect. There are many Cave hotels in the Cappadocia area but towns of Urgup or Goreme are the best places to stay as you can just walk into the city center, shop, eat or watch the sunset from a nearby hill. I suggest the Vezir Cave Hotel, because they offer a delicious Turkish breakfast, lovely people, and a great city view.


If you can look past the beauty of Melek you will see a good example of a house carved in the rock pillar.

There are many places to see around Cappadocia region which consists of many towns but the most attractive and impressive one is watching these natural beauties from a Balloon! You need to wake up around 5:00am, as they pick you up around that time, but to watch the sunrise from a balloon is an unforgettable experience. I have to say it is also quite romantic since you get the morning breeze making you cuddle for warmth as you watch the beautiful fairy chimneys, valleys, and sunrise. The journey is around 50 minutes and the weather is extremely important. Luckily we had the best weather as it was smooth and cloudless and made for perfect pictures. If you go Atmosphere Balloons is a wonderful company to take you up.


Trying her hand at pottery and she did pretty good for her first time.

My favorite places to see are Goreme Open Air Museum, Pasabagi, Selime Monastary (we loved it), Ihlara Kanyon (nice walk by the river with beautiful nature, rocks, caves and even historic churches), DerinKuyu underground city – (it is the deepest one with 8 floors underground), Zelve Open Air Museum, Sunset points, Love Valley, and so much more.

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