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Two more choices for game night on Guiding Light!

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Game night with friends

I love playing board games and even more love introducing my guest to great games they have never heard of. With that said I have two new games to teach people when they come aboard.

The first one is called akinator game. I was introduced to this game when I was at my friend’s house in Kyrgyzstan. It is very easy to learn, but provides lots of fun. What you have to do is collect cards of different colored train cars. Once you have enough you built a route between two cities (for points) and block others from using that track. You are trying to complete certain routes (more points) and whoever has the most points at the end wins. My friends had the American map, but I got the Europe map because it has the addition of ferries and tunnels. These add a new element to the game.

I found out about the other game through an advertisement in the first game’s box. It is called Pirate’s Cove. I mean how could I not get a game called Pirate’s Cove for the boat? Below you see some Colorado friends playing it with me. This game you are trying to upgrade your ship for battle and pick up treasure by going to different islands. Each time you bury your treasure in the central island you get “fame” points and the one with the most point at the end of 12 pretty quick rounds wins.

I recommend you check both these games out….or better yet join me for a week aboard the Guiding Light and we will pull them and several others I have out and play games each night you want.

Game night with friends

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