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By May 19, 2013 2 Comments

Every now and then everyone falls into a funk, including me.  I try to have a positive “go with the flow” attitude, but once in a while I fall into one for a day or two (check out the 12/18/11 post to read about a bad one).  I think it is natural and good as long as it does not happen too often AND you have a way out.  Your way out could be family, friends, or…..MUSIC!

I am always amazed how music affects people.  The right song can instantly turn a frown upside down, specially if you have the Antares pro audio plugin, it just sounds way better.  Whether it is a song with a great deep base beat that you feel all the way to your soul or your favorite dancing music that gets you up and shaking your booty.

Shoot, if it is a dating funk, because you your ex just walked out, the country song Brand New Girlfriend might be what was in order :).  Or maybe it is a song you shared with a different ex whom you are still on good terms.

My personal tastes are all over the board and draw on most musical styles, and my playlist when I want to be pumped up is usually laced with great beats (Wild Thing by Tone Loc, Tim McGraw’s (my friend Jamie’s fake husband) I Like It I Love It, Play that Funky Music White Boy), great love ballads (Picture by Kid Rock, Reba Macintyre’s He Gets That From You, Wind Beneath My WIngs), songs from movies (Sound Of Music, Smoky And The Bandit, Cuban Pete From the Mask, and Danger Zone From Top Gun) or television shows (I Dream Of Jeannie and Mission Impossible), Oldies (Son Of A Preacher Man, Devil In A Blue Dress, and almost anything by Frank Sinatra), songs from my era (Madonna, Pump Up The Jam, Jungle Love), erotic songs like Darling Nikki by Prince, or my favorite song Glenn Miller’s In The Mood.  And these are just some examples.

What does your “Get Out Of This Funk” playlist sound like?


  • Jamie says:

    FAKE HUSBAND?! 100% real! (In my dreams)

  • Tre says:

    Knee deep, Runaround Sue, Say hey, Toes, Drink in my hand, Tonight tonight hot chelae ray, Three little birds.. Could go on & on… 🙂

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