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Tubing is a great way to relieve any stress you may have!

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Tubing with the Guiding Light

Tubing 3

I know many of you consider me to be living the dream and just relaxing down here in paradise. I do feel quite blessed with the path my life has taken, but there are times when you can be over whelmed with things that need to get done…..even in paradise! 🙂

That is where tubing can be a great valve for getting it out of your system. The last and a half I have been waiting for a part to get here for my dinghy engine that I tore apart and had laying all over my cockpit. Nothing I could do but sit around and wait for it to arrive. Of course it got on island on Friday, but was not delivered until Monday because FedEx was shut down, along with the rest of St Thomas, for Carnival.

Tubing 4

I really wanted to get the engine fixed so I could head down island and do some exploring, but you got to take care of business before you can live the life (although it is a pretty good place to be waiting 🙂 ). Luckily my friend Michael came over a couple of times and told me to blow up my intertube, because he was taking me out tubing and his girlfriend wanted to take pictures.

He has a 13′ inflatable with a 40 hp engine and can really get going. If he goes straight it is rather easy, so I have tried to do things like knell and not hold on (check), make the tube go sideways (check), get the tube to spin all the way around (not quite, but close), and stand up on the tube (colossal fail 🙂 ). When he makes a good turn and the tube swings way out it causes lots of force making it hard to hold on and there were a few fantastic falls. By the end my pectoral muscles were worn out afterwards.

You know, thinking back to how much fun I had tubing makes me realize…..I am living the dream. Even when the boat is causing issues and wrecking my plans. Thanks Michael & Julie!!!!!

Check out that smile while tubing

Check out that smile while tubing

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