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Trinity Church has been apart of Downtown Manhattan for over 300 years

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Today I continue my five day trip to Manhattan by stopping at Trinity Church since it near so many of the other places I visited like the 9/11 Memorial, Staten Island Ferry, and 40 Wall Street.

Trinity Church received its charter from King William III on May 6, 1697, which specified an annual rent of 60 bushels of wheat. The third and current Trinity Church began construction in 1839 and was consecrated in 1846. Once completed, the soaring Gothic Revival spire dominated the skyline of lower Manhattan and became an unofficial beacon for ships sailing into New York Harbor since the 281-foot spire and cross was the highest point in New York, until it was surpassed by the stone tower of the Brooklyn Bridge in 1883.

While this is still an active church it is also a major landmark and receives lots of visitors to see the finest example of Gothic Revival architecture. Some of the most prominent features are the before mentioned spire, the burial grounds, 23 bells, and three massive bronze doors. The doors were sculpted in 1893 and while two have Biblical scenes the southern one has New York history depicted on its six panels.

If you are in Downtown Manhattan make sure to checkout this landmark amazing landmark, but I can guarantee you will not find the Templar’s lost treasure deep under the graveyard. 🙂

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