Trinidad was our favorite city in Cuba

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This is the fifth part of our Cuban Adventures that I wrote down and am submitting to a sailing magazine to see if they will publish it. Fingers crossed!

We were finally welcomed at the next international marina in Trinidad, which turned out to be our favorite town in Cuba. Besides the nice beach resort right next to the marina, we loved walking around the city center, another World Heritage Site. Walking along the cobblestone streets in this small colonial town was such a delight and the open air stairs (Casa de la Música) is a great place to relax, have a mojito, listen to some local music, and get some wifi. We took our time checking out the Museo Romántico (a very nice colonial home with all the furnishings), Museum of the War Against the Bandits (about the war against U.S.-sponsored counterrevolutionaries that is housed in the old convent and has an amazing view from the bell tower), a horse drawn carriage ride through town, and going horseback riding in the nearby Valle de Los Ingenios to a waterfall. As much as we loved Trinidad, it is small enough that two or three days is all the time needed to see everything.

Story continues tomorrow!


  • Shane says:


    If you take out dealing with the bureaucracy, then the whole country was welcoming. With that said we really did love Trinidad the most.


  • Janet says:

    How wonderful! At least one place was welcoming!

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