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Trinidad & Tobago National Museum & Art Gallery

By March 26, 2020 No Comments

One place I wanted to check out in Port of Spain that I did not get to see two years ago when I was in Trinidad & Tobago was the National Museum & Art Gallery. It is housed in the two story Royal Victorian Institute build and laid out in sections.

The main floor contained exhibits on the oil industry (which is vital to T&T), local geology, economic history, the 1940’s, Independence, and sports. There is also a room set aside for temporary exhibits and when I was there it featured a local artist named Sybil Atteck.

Upstairs contains the art gallery with a rotating collection of modern locals that were very well done and interesting to look at since they featured T&T motifs. Also up here is a room for natural history (animals and plants) and another one with pre-Columbian Amerindian and colonial history.

All in all it was a nice museum and I like the addition of the art gallery with history. The best part is that it is free to all, so enjoy!

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