USA Gulf & East Coast Travel Videos

The USA travel videos were concieved in 2010 when I sailed my boat on a year long cruise from Houston, TX, around the Florida Keys, and all the way up to Nantucket, MA. I used a combination of the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) and day hops offshore to accomplish this. Go to the USA Travel Guide to read about my travels along the coast and to learn of the different areas the USA has to offer. 

Along the way I made 20 episodes of Aboard The Guiding Light featuring the different cities, areas, and islands. These are the very first episodes of the series. I hope you enjoy watching them and they either inspire you to travel or help you reminiscence about your adventures in different locations. 

As you watch these videos, enjoy and let your sense of adventure out! If you would like to help support this travel video series financially (and get a one month sneak preview), please visit my Patreon site. Even $1 can help with equipment, software, and expense cost. Also, I would love for you to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel and please share these videos with anyone who will enjoy seeing each country.