Middle East Travel Guide

The Middle East is a sub-region of Asia and is the earliest “cradle of civilization” with mighty empires developing along the Nile, Tigris, and Euphrates Rivers for over 5000 years. Although today the Middle East is divided into several separate countries, it was unified by the Assyrian Empire 3000 years ago. Since then it has been ruled by the Greek Empire, Roman Empire, and Byzantine Empire, but it is the Arab conquest during the 7th century and the Ottoman Empire, starting in the 1600’s, that give the region its Islamic identity.

In 2015 I had a 12-hour layover in Dubai and was determined to squeeze as much in as I could. I am told that I did more in my layover than most people do in four days :). The next year I spent over a month in Turkey and a week in Israel before walking across the border and spending a second week in Jordan. Since then I have returned to Turkey, Israel, and Jordan plus visiting other countries in the region.

If you would like to learn more about a particular country just click on it in the map below. Of course, you can also jump over to the Middle East Travel Video page.

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