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San Marino FlagSan Marino is the 5th smallest country in the world, with a total area of 24 square miles, and is completely enclosed by Italy. It was founded in 301 when St Marinus, who was a nearby stonemason, founded a religious community on Mt Titano. It is considered to be the oldest surviving republic in the world and its constitution was written in the 1500’s, making it the earliest government document still in effect.

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Helpful Info
Population – 33,400
Money – Euro (as of Sept 2018 US$1 = 0.85; current rate available at
Language – Italian
Religion – 97% Catholic
When to go – Anytime but July & Aug can be busy
World Heritage Sites – 1 – Historic Centre & Mount Titano
Country formed – 301, is the oldest republic in the world

San Marino - Tower 1 - NightIn 2014, when I travelled around northern Italy, I spent a day in San Marino exploring the capital city.

Likes, Dislikes, and Recommendations

San Marino - Tower 3 - DayThe capital sits on top of a mountain and the three peaks each have small forts on them. As you would imagine you will wear yourself out walking around the city, but it and the forts are all worth visiting. I felt a day was plenty of time to see the capital city, but spending another day and just hanging out would be well worth it also.

Below you can get even more helpful hints by watching the travel video I made for San Marino. Also, you can read what all I did there in my blog posts located below the video.

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