Asia Travel Guide

Being the largest continent, by far, Asia encompasses 30% of the world’s land and %60 of it’s population. As you can imagine with an area this large there are many different environments to be found. From the desert of the Middle East (I made it a separate region here though), to the mountains of the Himalayas, to the jungles of SE Asia, to the Arctic Circle of Russia. I could go on and on and this is not even taking into the account of the hugely varied histories, cities, and cultures of this continent. In fact Asia can be roughly divided into six regions, which are the before mentioned Middle East, Russia and the Caucasus, Central Asia, China and east Asia, India and south Asia, and south-east Asia.

The first time I was in Asia was in 2015 when I spent two weeks with a college friend and her family in Kyrgyzstan. We saw the capital and Song Kul lake region to learn about traditional life as a herder and living in a yurt. The second time was in September 2016 when my father and I spent a month touring Russian cities, riding the Trans-Siberian train, and experience the nomadic life in Mongolia.

If you would like to learn more about a particular country just click on it in the map below. Of course you can also jump over to the Asia Travel Video page to see the travel videos I have made for Asia.

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