Torpedo’s away on my favorite site in Vladivostok

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At sea or on land the C56 Submarine is well worth a visit.

As you saw on yesterday’s “photo of the day”, my favorite thing to see in Vladivostok was the C56 submarine. Make sure to check out tomorrow’s “POTD” if you want to get a chuckle out of my dad and I. 🙂

This twin screw, diesel sub was built in the late 30’s and is 255 feet long. It originally served the Pacific Fleet, but was moved to the Atlantic where it sank 4 Nazi Germany ships in WW2.


From this hatch on the submarine was awesome!

My dad and I visited the sub with Steve, who we met in Mongolia. When we first entered I was very excited, but that excitement went away because the first two rooms had everything striped out, dry walled, and looked like a regular museum in a building. This part was where the presented history, awards, and memorabilia of the sub, but I am not sure why they felt the need to make it not look like a submarine.


Dad and Steve hanging out at the dining room table.

Of course, once we went through a proper hatch in the middle of the ship everything changed. We stepped into the bridge of a historic Soviet submarine. I loved playing with the periscope and dad liked the gauges and controls.

The next room was the mess and officer’s quarters. I have to admit it seemed much larger than I would have expected and I suspect some equipment has been removed or they keep supplies in here.

The last room was the forward torpedo room and the coolest part. This is where many of the men sleep in hanging racks and they had a couple torpedoes cut open so you can see what they look like inside. I am going to give you a hint at tomorrow’s POTD….It was taken here in this room and involves the torpedoes.


Dad must have felt tired as he chose to rack out in the forward torpedo room.

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