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Now that I made it to Tobago I have to go check in

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The check in process is fairly easy, if a bit time consuming, and the best part is the officials are ok if you anchor in Store Bay on the west end and take a taxi or bus into Scarborough. The bus stop is two blocks from the beach, just walk up the road and take a left at the second round about. If a passing car honks and/or flashes their lights wave your arm and they will stop and give you a ride for 9 TT$. I little more than the bus, but you don’t have to wait and it is still only $1.25 US.

Cool BBQ joint in town

Your first stop should be immigration located on the second floor of the cruise ship terminal. From there you are suppose to head to the customs office just down the street two blocks to the east (left as you look at the water), but you might need to make a detour to get some Trinidad & Tobago dollars (TT$) as you will have to pay a customs fee and the credit card machine does not always work (tomorrow I will right a blog about the best ways to exchange money around the world). As with many counties in the Caribbean, you will have to fill out a form at both immigration and customs and they still use carbon paper between the duplicate pages.

This little guy greeted me as I can into Tobago

Once you are checked in you are free to walk around and explore the capital city. The highlight by far is the Fort King George up on the hill to the east of town. You may also just enjoy walking along the main road and some of the side roads, watching people as they go about their daily life. I always like to make a stop a B’s Ice Cream, which is up the street from the KFC and across from the Royal Castle (a local chain of buffet food which is not bad). You will have to pass the bus stop to get to it and it is nice to enjoy as you wait for the bus. If you are going to take the bus make sure you buy tickets ahead of time. Just ask one of the ladies waiting and they will tell you where to get them and which bus to get on. 🙂

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