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The Tobago Cays are like having the Bahamas in the middle of the Virgin Islands

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Tobago Cays with Steve

Tobago Cays AnchorageThe Tobago Cays are the crown jewel of the Grenadines and in my opinion the entire Caribbean. My description of the Grenadines is that they are a tiny Virgin Islands. Both are tall islands close together with great anchorages and beaches. The Grenadines islands are just smaller,  closer together, and not nearly as crowded.

Tobago CaysWith all that said the Tobago Cays are more closely identified with the Bahamas, because it is an area of a couple miles protected by Horseshoe Reef and has acres of shallow water with white sand giving it similar colors to the Bahamas.  There are five little cays 70 to 140 feet high that all have at least one little beach on them and everywhere you look there are reefs and coral.

Here are some of the things to do in the Tobago Cays…..when you can pull yourself away from relaxing the day away:

  • Tobago Cays islandCheck out the turtle area and great little beach on the south side of Baradel Cay. Although to be fair we saw turtles all over the place. Make sure you climb the small hill next to the beach for a great view.
  • Take the dinghy through the small boat cut in the reef (it is tough to see though) and go out to Petit Tabac. This is a sand bar with palms all over it. It is also the location of the rum burning scene in Pirates of the Caribbean. From here you can check out Egg Reef and Worlds End Reef less than a mile away, but only in calm weather.
  • Jamesby Cay has a great little beach on the windward side.
  • There are a dozen small red mooring balls right next to the reef on the leeward side that you can tie your dinghy to and go snorkeling. Be warned the current is strong as all the waves crash over the reef.
  • The back side of Petit Bateau Cay has a nicely protected anchorage and beach. This beach is where all the locals offer beach BBQs.

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