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TO noddle or not to noodle?

By May 17, 2015 No Comments
Noodle-less at the Baths

Can we swim again? Relaxing time while we sail Noodle-less at the Baths I have a noodle

We started researching our vacation and decided to book a charter on the Guiding Light.  Then my daughters suggested I should really know how to swim if I was going to spend a week on a boat. We wanted to have a snorkeling emphasis for our trip, so swimming would be important.  I signed up for lessons in January to be ready for our vacation in late April.  I started the week using a noodle but quickly gained confidence, and by the third day, no longer needed it.  Knowing how to swim really opened up a whole new world for me.  I hung out with turtles on Buck Island, swam from the boat to the shore of The Baths, snorkeled a shipwreck, and made friends with a barracuda. My sincere thanks to Captain Shane for the experience of snorkeling in the Virgin Islands.  And for giving me the opportunity to change my nickname from  Noodle to Noodle-No-More.

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