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Time for my plastic soap box again!

By February 15, 2018 No Comments

I was in the grocery store and I saw some “free range”, “organic”, “non-GMO” eggs and I was amazed. Not because they were such the perfect eggs for someone that wants to eat healthy and with a good conscience or how proud the producer was of his eggs. What surprised me was how there were suppose to be the best eggs for so many reasons and then the producer went and packaged them in a thick plastic container. I mean if you reallyare that concerned shouldn’t they be in a cardboard container so it will breakdown and degrade?

I am so tired of see how much wasted packaging and plastic we as a society use. It is up to each of us to limit our plastic use. This means we need to get rid of single use items. Plastic grocery bags can be replaced with either reuseable cloth ones or even go back to paper bags. Use metal silverware and simply wash it. Use a cup and big jug instead of a single use water bottle (I hate seeing single use water bottles being used on TV also since it show that it is ok). Also, don’t buy products that use a lot of plastic in the packaging. For example I get OJ in a half gallon cardboard container instead of the brands that use an all plastic jug.

It might not seem like much, but if we all help limit the amount of plastic we use then the companies will change their packaging methods. It is up to each of us to make a statement with our purchasing power. I know many of you will bypass this blog, but to those of you that understand we all need to start now. Ok, I am off my soap box now! 🙂

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