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Time for football!!!!

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I know this post is going to geek it up, but last weekend my family did our annual fantasy football draft.

For those of you that don’t know, fantasy football is a game in which you pick NFL players and use their stats for the week to calculate points.  When you do this for each of your starters, which are 1 quarterback, 2 running backs, 2 wide receivers, 1 tight end, 1 defense/special team, and 1 kicker, and you add up all the point you will get your total for the week. You are hoping is higher than the person you are playing against that week.

It is a lot of fun because you are playing your family and you get to kid around with each other. It is a different way to enjoy family and football at the same time.

We play a 12 team keeper league where you can keep between 3-6 players and no more than two per position. In order to get everyone to six players we have what we call the free agency rounds where you pick from everyone available, except rookies. After that we have 10 rounds to pick from everyone available.

My team looks like this:

L McCoy RB Eagles
G Bernard RB Bengles
K Allen WR Chargers
R Gronkowski TE Patriots
T Gerheart RB Jaquers
J Bell RB Detroit
ROUNDS   1-10:
R White WR Falcons
M Coulston WR Saints
M Wheaton WR Steelers
K Robinson RB Saints
R Randall WR Giants
D Freeman RB Falcons
J Gordon WR Browns
C Kaep QB 49ers
C Palmer QB Cardinals
Ravens DF

I still have to get a kicker before the first game, but other than that how do you think I did? Do you play and what does your team look like?

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