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The pros and cons of being on charter aboard the Guiding Light

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Raising Hands

This is a really fun blog some guest from last month wrote. It is a list of what they liked during their charter on the Guiding Light and what they could have been doing at home instead. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

On board Guiding Light with Shane    PRO Being at home   CON
Celebrating Mark’s retirement on the Guiding Light with Captain Shane and 2 other awesome couples. Winter storm warning issued and interstate is closed.
sand snow and ice (that’s a given)
Snorkeling in clear water, seeing beautiful coral, shipwreck, fish and turtles. seeing white stuff everywhere
Feeding Tarpon fish at night with their glowing eyes at the back of the boat. Seeing glowing eyes of deer and wondering if it’s going to run in front of my truck.
Swimming in caves, holding a Brittle Starfish and Sea Urchin – Norman Island watching Dancing with the Stars
Eating, getting a free drink and asked if I wanted a tattoo at Willy T’s – Norman Island Getting a real tattoo.
Having the taxi driver says ‘No problem’ driving us around Virgin Gorda while going to The Baths and Copper Mines. Having your boss say the day before leaving ‘We have a problem’
Climbing the boulders and taking beautiful pictures at The Baths in Virgin Gorda Going thru a mountain of paper work
Having a Banana Painkiller at Saba Rock Having a painkiller because I thru my back out from shoveling snow.
Visit to Soggy Dollar – Jost Van Dyke Having soggy gloves on.
Swimming to beach for sea glass, hitting some rocks and having awesome Captain Shane save me – Guana I’ve fallen and I can’t get up
Having Shane says ‘I have a special surprise’ and taking a walk to the waves at Bubbly Pools – Diamond Clay. I have not seen Mark that happy in a long time riding those waves. I was waiting for someone’s swim trucks to fly off. I’ve got nothing. I’m so teared up thinking about how much Mark enjoying the waves. 
Having Shane cook the most amazing food (my favorite was the Pepper Steaks and fresh bread), buffet at Foxy’s and pizza at Pizza Pi. Didn’t have time to cook so I’m eating cold fast food
Mark sleeping outside under the stars. Me, I have the bed to myself! Oh know, it’s starting to rain and hearing Shane say in the morning ‘I told you it was going to rain!’

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