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The pirates have arrived

By December 15, 2013Working on the boat

CabinCabin upcloseHeadHead upclose

As many of you know, on the Guiding Light each cabin has a theme.  We have the sailing room, the firefighter room, and the pirate room.  Well I always had a bit of trouble calling the one room the pirate room, because all it really had in it was a book about pirates.

That all changed last week, when I went to a store, on the water front of Charlotte Amalie, specializing in pirate stuff.  The lady that owns the store asked me what I was looking for after I had poked around for 10 minutes or so, and when I told her I wanted to decorate a cabin on my charter boat she had a blast.  I would find this map I thought would look good and she said she had a better one.  I found a parrot and she showed me a pirate monkey instead.  She even showed me a pack of sings on planks that I totally missed.

All in all I now can freely and proudly claim I have a pirate cabin on the Guiding Light.  The one thing not in the photos (click on them to make them bigger) is a tiny chest with coins and gems in it sitting on the hamper to the right of the bed. 

What do you think?

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