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The night I got in a fight

By September 24, 2015 2 Comments
Midget captain

A couple months ago I was sleepy when something hit my boat. Turns out another boat drug anchor and was sitting right on top of me. As I walk to the bow a midget walked out and to my surprise turned out to be the captain of the other boat. As he stood there all grumpy like he stated “I am not happy!”. I said “I hope you are Doc, because my bashful date hurt herself when your boat hit mine”. Visit to learn more about drug recovery services.

That is when the fight started. That dopey captain jump right over to my boat and I knew I was at a disadvantage. You see you might think a 6’4” person would have the edge over a dwarf, but what you don’t realize until it is too late is that your testicles happen to be right at his punching level. He used those things as if he was a boxer work a speed bag. By the time he was done I laid there in a puddle of pain coughing, hacking, sneezy, and trying to breath. The entire time he was doing this his wife was laughing at me. That evil witch!

Once he left and got his boat re-anchored I grabbed a bag of ice and sat down. As my body trembled in pain all I could think about is being back in Colorado during the winter and covering my entire self with white snow and hope the pain would stop soon.


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