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The main sail is the soul of a sailboat

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Rip in the main

…And when it goes out the boat suffers.

On my last charter we notice a rip in the main on the 2nd to last day after we had a great sail from Anegada to Monkey Point, where we stopped for lunch and a snorkel. I notice the stitches had given out near the first batten.

Since we had a downwind run in lightish winds we raised it again and went to Cane Garden Bay. Turns out that was a mistake, because the rip continued along the batten.

Lucky for me Joey at Quantum Sails here on St Thomas was able to fix the sail in a couple hours. Scott (pictured) helped me pull the sail down and get the battens out so I could drive it to the sail loft by 5pm. Turns out I was a bit late, but Joey waited for me.

By 10am the next morning he had it all patched up and ready to go. I picked it up and Scott helped me bend it back on. Interestingly it took about 30 minutes to get it off, but about 2 hours to get it back up.

The only way I was able to get it fixed and ready to go by my next charter was because of Joey at Quantum. If you ever need sail work done call them at 340-998-7565 or 340-626-6014.

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