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The Keys rock!!!

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Learning about dolphinsWe left Marathon and on a whim decided to go to a light to see if there were any fish.  What we ended up with was a great reef (best I have see) to snorkel.  It was called Sambrero Reef.  Next we went to the Dolphin Research Center, which was very cool.  We spent a couple of days on Islamorda and my friend came back for the Memorial Day weekend, which we spent a the John Pennekamp State Park.  It was another great Florida park. From there we went to different reefs.  Due to me getting some local knowledge, I was able to locate two 1000 pound anchors (they were 6 feet wide and 8 feet long) with 50-100 lobsters around them.  We spent an hour playing with them (the things are tougher to catch than you would think) and then left them all since it was not lobster season.  We also found a 5 foot nurse shark at a wreck.  I got video of him from about a foot and a half away.  We dove the Christ of the Deep (a 15 foot statue of Jesus in 25 feet of water), a large shipwreck, and I swam with and touched a 4 foot sea turtle (I don’t think he liked that since he gave me a look).

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