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The infamous William Thornton…aka The Willy T

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As promised last week let’s talk about the Willy T, your best chance for debauchery in the BVI.  The original concept for this joint started in 1989 when an old wooden Baltic Trader was acquired due to it not being fit to go to sea anymore.  Apparently it was not fit to handle the partying either because it slipped below the water in 1995.  The owners knew they had a winner and went about securing a new boat, this time a two story steel sailing vessel and drinks were flowing again by early 1996.

Towards the front of the boat is a kitchen, which turns out surprisingly good food for the $15-20 price tag (a deal in the BVI) and is open for lunch and dinner.  But it is known more for the bar area.  During the daylight hours day boats come over with cruise ship people who get rambunctious.  Then it starts to quiet down around 3:30…until around 9pm when all the charter boats come over and the fun starts all over.

The party is completely dependent on who is there that day, but it can get out of hand with alcohol flowing and music pumping.  There are two TVs flaunting photos of past parties (which I think is a bit much).  The dance floor is always hopping and ladies can get a special tattoo put on.  Of course it is customary to have it either licked or spanked onto you.

The specialty drink is the Shotski, a ski with four shot glasses drunk with three other people, and the body shot.  You must secure your own scantily clad female as it is not provided by the establishment.

My favorite activity here is jumping off the second floor, but it is supposedly not allowed since the accident in 1996.  This is not true at all and everyone still jumps even if there is a no jumping sign (lots of people like their photo with the sign before they jump).  What the Willy T does not do anymore is reward adventurous ladies who jumped naked with a free tee shirt.  Of course that does not stop them from jumping naked….to everyone’s encouragement and delight.

Late in the night I have seen people tumble into their dinghies and I have heard stories of people taking the wrong one and even waking up on the wrong boat in the morning.  Now that is a story you will remember when you are in the old folks home.

With all the drinking and partying it is ironic this place is named after the designer of the US Capital building who was born in the BVI and was a Quaker.  I am going to be the first one to admit this bar is not for everyone, but I usually have a great time when I am here.  What do you think?  Want to come on down and give it a try?

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