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The Hakula Family

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Morning time Last pistol duel spot Here turtle turtle Shane showing us stuff

We really loved our trip on the Guiding Light! We did so many things like, snorkeling, swimming, sailing, etc. On our trip we visited places such as Jost Van Dyke, St. John, and Norman Island. Even though some of us were “under the weather “for a day, we still wanted to keep on sailing. The Guiding Light had very nice accommodations, from its bedrooms to its cockpit. The bedrooms were very clean and everything was very welcoming. The snorkeling we did was most impressive. We saw all sorts of things, such as sea urchins, trumpet fish, parrot fish, and turtles. The meals that Captain Shane made for us were amazing! We loved them so much, we wanted his recipe.  And all the meals we ate at shore were amazing as well.  We absolutely loved the Guiding Light and cannot wait to come again.


The Hakula’s

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