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The engine gave me quite a scare

By November 16, 2014 No Comments

As you know I got the boat back in the water two weeks ago. During my time in the yard I got lots of projects and upgrades done on the boat. Everything was going well, until it went into the water. That is when the port engine would not start until I jumped it with the cables that I built to go from one engine to the next.

Once I got it jumped I had to move 100 feet, but during that time the engine was spewing smoke and spraying oil out the exhaust. I had someone look at it and they were saying we had to haul the engine and rebuilt it. WHAT????

Well I decided it would be a better idea to head over to St Thomas after my first charter instead of hanging out in Culebra. Once I got there I had Tony from Offshore Marine come out and let me tell you my relief after a day with him.

Turns out the lift pump had a small hole in it and was spraying diesel into the oil, thinning it out. After he replaced that, adjusted the valves, and serviced the injectors the engine is running and is my friend again.

Amazing how you can go from hating (maybe a bit harsh of a word) this job to loving it in one day.


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