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The cow &calf rocks are one of my favorite dive sites

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Queen anglefish


The Cow & Calf rocks are two rocks a mile or so off the south side of St Thomas. They were named because they resemble a whale and her baby breaching the water. This is a fantastic site to go scuba diving and even snorkeling if you are a strong swimmer and the weather is not to rough. This is because it is so open to the waves it can be dangerous at times.

The best way to snorkel is to use a full face snorkel mask and to be dropped off at the east end (The Cow) and drift along the north side of the underwater ridge connecting the two and get picked up at the west end (The Calf). As you move west make sure you check out the valleys that you will come across if you swim north and south as you drift. Also there is an underwater arch on the far side of The Calf.

Another great thing is what sites less than a mile to the east, but you will have to come back on Christmas to find out what that is…..

Queen anglefish

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