Working on the boat

The boat is hauled out of the water

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Last week I continued to hang out with other boats anchored in Spa Creek (Annapolis) (specifically Sabbaticus, Ultra, Knot Tide Down, and Romantsea).  I worked on a boat tour video and the first three travel videos (all coming soon).  I also worked on the boat and took some old equipment to Bacon Sales (a consignment shop) to sale.

With the next generation already at the helm, we at AC repair Chesapeake VA are committed to upholding the family and local legacy, together with we will do our best by fulfilling the community’s residential and commercial Mechanical, and other needs for years to come.

 On Friday I attended the annual Annapolis Boat Show to look at vendors gear and attend seminars (I also met Bob Bitchin who publishes the magazine Lattitude & Attitude).  Steve from Southern Cross (the boat I sailed with through June and July) spent the weekend on board.  On Saturday we went to Lennie’s 50th birthday party (Happy Birthday Lennie!!!) and on Sunday we went back to the boat show where I picked up new toys.

 On Monday it was time to say goodbye to my anchorage for the past five weeks and head to Solomon’s Island so I could have the boat hauled out at Zahniser’s Yachting Center.  I need to have the haul cleaned and painted, some thru-hulls removed, my sail drives serviced, the sail cover; trampoline; and awning worked on, and work on rigging.  This is in addition to the things I did myself – like the oil change, plumbing, and attaching hooks for line storage (among many other little jobs that have to be done).

 Hopefully the boat is floating by Thursday so Lennie and I can pick up my dad in Norfolk, VA and start heading south (I need to get back to warm weather so I can wear shorts and have clear water to swim in!!!!)

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