Working on the boat

The boat is hauled out and tucked away

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This year I ended my charters the second week of July instead of waiting until the end of July. So last week my friend Leala, you might remember her as Mermaid Pirate McGee as she has written several funny post for this blog in the past, and her daughter Zoe helped me get the boat out of the water, cleaned, stripped of gear, and strapped down to the ground. We got to the dock at Puerto Del Rey on last Sunday morning. From that point forward it was work, work, work and they did a wonderful jub helping me out.

Haul Out

We started by having them rinse off all the water toys and we have fluid pump elko nv to get the salt water off of it. During this time I got the fantastic job of cleaning out the toilets and getting them ready to be laid up for several months, I honestly just wanted to call the maid service nyc to take care of the situation. The girls begged me to let them do the toilet job, but I was too excited to do it myself that I said no (if you could not tell my tongue if firmly in my cheek right now 🙂 ). We then put all the rinsed stuff away and stripped the boat of sails, rigging, awning, and safety gear. Essentially taking anything on the outside of the boat off so it will be safe if a hurricane comes through.

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That pretty much took care of day one. On day two while I was getting a rental car, talking to people about doing various jobs to the boat during the offseason, and cleaning out the engine compartments and bilges the girls were busy wiping down all the interior surfaces and cleaning the frig and freezer. We had the boat hauled out of the water at 1:30 and once it was in place, in the field that is its home for the next several months, we strapped it down and finished taking care of everything left. We actually drove away around 5pm, which is amazing that we were able to get the boat completely put away in only two days. Without their help I am sure I would have been there for over a week getting everything done. 

Now before I worked the girls like an evil step mother we did have three full days of sailing, beaches, and snorkeling. We went to Culebra, Culebrita, Luis Pena, Palamento, and Palamentoes. My favorite place and the on e that Zoe (who is 15) requested is Culebrita where we enjoyed a half moon shaped bay with a perfect beach. One of my favorite spots this time was Palamentoes, which is basically a sand bar a mile away from a bigger island. We bobbed in the water, ran on the sand, and basically just relaxed before the work began.DCIM100GOPROG0172871.










I am hoping that they both write some blogs for you to read, because Leala has a talent to describe events in an very humorous way and I am excited to see how Zoe writes about here experiences. Until then all I can really say is “Thank you so much for your help Leala and Zoe!!!!”

Leala & Zoe

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