The ancestor of all horses?

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How cute are these guys?

Today is my dad and I’s last day in the nomadic country of Mongolia. It has been a fantastic experience and the last day keep up with the rest of the week as we went to Hustai National Park and saw the wild Takhi horses. These are reputed to be the ancestor of all modern horses and here in the steppe of Mongolia the world’s horse population spread eons ago. This park is quite beautiful in landscape and riddled with colonies of marmots, which are like giant prairie dogs.

We arrived back in Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator), the capital of Mongolia, around 5pm and took some well needed and deserved showers, checked e-mails, and got ready to catch a train at 8pm. You see just because we have toured Russian cities and ridden the Trans-Siberian train to Mongolia, my dad’s and I’s adventures are not over yet. We have to take the train for 36 hours back into Russia to Irkutsk on the shores of Lake Baikal.


Do you think you could handle a beautiful landscape like this?

Turns out this is yet another Mongolian train and you already read about the difference with it and Russian cars, so I will not go over that again. The added benefit of this train is that there is no 1st class and only 2nd or 3rd. Lucky for us we were matched with Thomas & Caroline from Holland who were very nice and helped us pass the 9 hours it took to clear customs out of Mongolia and into Russia. You did read about that fun adventure a week and a half ago, right?

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