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That Yoda Guy Museum found in St Maarten

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That Yoda Guy 1

That Yoda Guy 4Would you come down to the Caribbean with the expectation of finding a Star Wars and movie makeup museum? No? Well that is exactly what you will find in Phillipsburg on the Dutch side of St Martin.

That Yoda Guy 2Nick Maley was a movie makeup artist in the 70’s and 80’s. He even was nominated for an Emmy Award for his work on the 1982 film The Hunchback of Notre Dame. All of a sudden in the late 80’s he gave it all up and moved to the Caribbean, of which I can relate, to paint. He worked on many films including Star Wars, Superman, and Highlander, but is best remembered as “That Yoda Guy” since he helped create the lovable troll.

That Yoda Guy 3At That Yoda Guy Museum you can look among the store section for free and see many of his works, movie memorabilia for sale, and sometimes meet him. If you would like to pay $12 then you can walk behind a wall and see a descent little exhibit with many movie props, costumes, and characters from various movies including Yoda (of course). He even has a good display on making death masks and how they use them in the industry today.

All in all, the unexpectedness of finding a Star Wars museum in the Caribbean makes this a worth visit. In fact, C-3PO is seen holding a sign which reads: ‘R2-D2 says “The probability of finding a Star Wars exhibit in the Caribbean is 125,316 to 1”.’

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