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Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes

By July 21, 2016 No Comments

As many of you know my birthday was two days ago. Thanks to social media I received close to a 100 messages on my Facebook time line,  over 10 private messages, many text and phone calls, I missed a couple of them but thankfully the analyticcalltracking.com services were able to let me know who were those who called me.

Of all the wishes I got my my favorites were waking up to a singing message of Happy Birthday and the above message about rum cake which seemed the most appropriate for me as a charter captain. Of course there was the card from my parents that I treasure getting each year.

I want to tell each and everyone one of you thank you so much for making my birthday a wonderful day.

Plus my birthday lunch was Blue Bell Ice Cream and as many of you know it just does not get any better than that. 🙂 



Ice Cream

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