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Taste of Trini is one of the best tours I have ever been on

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Taste of Trini 1

On Thursday I introduced you to Jesse James and told you how invaluable he is as a cruising resource. Today I am going to tell you all about his tour called Taste of Trini, which as I said in the title is one of the best tours I have ever been on.

Taste of Trini 2His philosophy is that food gives you an insight into a culture and with Trinidad combining Native American, African, European, and Indian cultures this is a truly gastronomical country. This is not a cheap tour, at $100-150, but it is not too high and the tour lasts for close to 12 hours. Jesse James starts off at 8am in Power Boats Marina and we are barely out the marina gate and he is pulling over to get our first item to sample, a double which is a staple Trinidad breakfast. As he explains what it is, where it comes from, and its history we all have a bite or two then we are off to the next spot half a mile down the road and repeat the process…….60 more times!

Taste of Trini 4My favorites were the above mentioned double, star fruit, chicken wings (trust me, not like you are use to), and coconut fingers (a red dessert)……at least these are the ones I remember. Let me tell you, when you try 60 different foods in one day you start to lose track of what was what. That brings me to the biggest piece of advice for you. DO NOT have breakfast beforehand. In fact, you might consider fasting after lunch the day before. Also, ONLY take a bite (maybe two) of something, regardless of how good it taste. This is the only way you MIGHT have a shot at trying everything. By the end of the night our bellies were so full we looked pregnant and were begging Jesse to stop feeding us! 😊

Four days later when you are once again hungry, and your colon is finally done processing everything you will look back and remember how awesome of a tour the Taste of Trini was. If you are in Trinidad you can fine Jesse James in Power Boats Marina or call him at (868) 683-5202

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