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Tall ships are gorgeous!!!!

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Stad Amsterdam

As I was taking some guest to Jost Van Dyke we saw the Stad Amsterdam anchored at the entrance and we all grabbed our cameras. This is a new tall ship that is modeled after a 19th century frigate. It is 250 feet long but only 34 feet wide, which is one of the characteristics of a clipper ship (along with the three mast and square sails).

When it was built in 2000 it was used as job training for unemployed people to learn welding, woodworking, metalworking, ect which is a fairly cool idea as a way to train people for new careers and get cheap labor.

The vessel is used for training and as a charter ship. In 2009 it retraced the route of the HMS Beagle and noted differences from now to when Charles Darwin observed the voyage.

What do you think of it? Would you want to work the sails out on the yard arms?

Working from the yard arm

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