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When the swell is up the Bubbly Pool is the place to be!

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During the winter, when the north swell is running, the Bubbly Pool on Jost Van Dyke is the place to be. It is on the north side of the island and is essentially a large crack in the cliff face. The water hits it and runs down a canyon before it roars into a small bay.

When the swell is powerful enough it will knock you down if you are more than waist deep in water. My favorite thing to do at that time is to go to the front of the little bay where the water come in. If you feel underwater you will find a two-inch ridge in the rock that you can hold onto. When the wave rushes over, you try and hold on during the onslaught.

Damaged at the Bubbly Pool

Damaged at the Bubbly Pool

Let me tell you, it is AMAZING how powerful water can be, so be careful. The last time I was there I was having a blast and withstood a wave that hit the top of the cliff. It was so exciting…..until all that water started rushing out. I am usually really good at keeping myself in the bay, but this time I got pulled over the first set of rocks. Of course, I did not have time to get back before the next wave hit and I got tossed OVER the boulder and back into the bay. It was very disorientating and tons of fun, but I was also very lucky I did not get hurt more. So please be careful and do not go in if the swell is too high.

If you want to see the Bubbly Pool in action check out my Jost Van Dyke travel video.

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