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svGuidingLight.com has a brand new look!!!!

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I am proud to present a completely new look for svGuidingLight.com, which was built by Great Circle Studios.

I built the old site from a WordPress theme I was able to find, and with some help on the technical side by Joel, I added the different elements and content. I am proud of what I built and maintained for almost five years and it served me well once I started the charter business, but during that time I have come up with ideas I wanted in a new look.

This off season was the time to pull the trigger, so I called Great Circle Studios and told them some of my ideas like:

  • – My friends Matt & Christy had a signpost that I liked on their website svKalao.com, but I wanted to have it as a driftwood sign like the one I photographed in Georgetown, Bahamas (2nd photo).
  • – I liked different sites I saw that had a rotating header photo.
  • – I hated the stark white block where all my text was and wanted to make it opaque  so you could see the photo in the background, which they added a great lighthouse to my photo of the boat.
  • – I wanted to do a greeting, but also have the current blog on the front page.
  • – I wanted to break up the blog to highlight the photos of the day, written blog, and videos.

Now that they are done with the look I have changed the blog to have three pages within the main blog page (3rd photo). The photo page is going to be a gallery, so you see thumbnails of all my photos. I also have broken up all the travel videos to have a page for each group of videos that you can access on the travel video page. I will do the same thing with the chartering page, but I love the fact that the calendar has its own page, instead of on the side bar, and it is 12 months instead of one.

Check out the 4th photo with the circles. It show all the social media options I have provided for everyone (please use the options you like) and my own little icon that will show up on your explorer.

As with most things this site will continue to evolve and I would love it if you would leave comments telling me what you like on the new site and if you have any suggestions to make it even better. Thanks.

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