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Cappadocia travel video

I have recently signed up for a website called Patreon and I would love it if you considered supporting my travel video series “Aboard the Guiding Light” through Patreon. The episodes are hosted on YouTube and you should make sure you are subscribed to my channel to make sure you don’t miss an episode. But with Patreon you can help support the making of each episode PLUS get a one month sneak peak at upcoming ones.

I know you are wondering what is Patreon. Well, at its heart, Patreon is a form of crowdfunding, which is funding that relies on people like you to donate small amounts of money to help support different types of art. In this case my travel video series “Aboard The Guiding light. While crowdfunding services like Kickstarter and Indiegogo focus on funding a single project, Patreon’s goal is to fund the person behind the project. In this way, the ‘crowd’ becomes the patron.

I have been making “Aboard the Guiding Light” episodes since 2010. Each episode take a lot of time and energy after I have visited a site and gotten all the footage. Plus there is the cost of equipment and software. With Patreon I am able to be sponsored by all my fans and they can support each episode as I produce them. Trust me when I tell you any donation is appreciated and really energizes me to make more episodes knowing people like the episodes enough to financially support them.

I have set up three different levels of monthly support. The first is basically a tip jar where you can give $1 each month. The second is a $5 membership level where you will get a one month sneak preview of each new episode. The final level is for $15 a month where you get the sneak peek plus a goodie bag of Guiding Light swag!!!!!

Can You Trust Patreon? While it is always good to be cautious before giving out your credit card information, the answer is yes. Patreon has been around since 2013 and has a solid reputation among crowdfunding websites. It is currently ranked as the fifth largest crowdfunding site.

If you chose to support my work financially please know that I am truly appreciative and humbled. Thank you so much!!!!!!

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